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Welcome to my personal website. Not a real developer, not a real data manager, but in between both! Here I present who I am, what I do, and what are my skills. You can also find other stuff, like projects, interests and some experimenting interactions with external APIs. This page is powered by Django, Nginx and, of course, FreeBSD.


Data collection

Data collection in the Internet (prices, articles, opinions, ratings in huge worldwide marketplaces), using provided solutions (EyeRobot and as SaaS or with API), internal librairies or scratched tools (Python, PHP, Shell, cURL). Experience combined with data parsing (JQuery, JavaScript)

Scrapping, crawling, parsing

Project leader

Technical coordination of a production team. Identification of needs, draft on specifications, coordination of transversal projects involving different teams, costs control/monitoring, and delivery validation. Experienced in communicating and playing the middle field between the production team and the IT team, working as the bridge.

Specifications, costs, delivery


Matching process definition and implementation, regarding needed keys, input datas, referential. Past experiences as data manager and developer are usefull, understanding operational matching objectives.

Cleaning, matching


Université Lyon I, Rhône (France)

Licence professionelle Informatique
Nouvelles architectures applicatives
September 2006 - September 2007

Université du Havre, Seine-Maritime (France)

DUT Informatique
Génie informatique
September 2004 - June 2006


Some programming languages & tools
  • Operating systems: FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, macOS
  • Infrastructures based on FreeBSD, Nginx, MySQL
  • Daily scripting: Shell, Python, JQuery

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